Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Climate and environment quick quiz

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Climate and environment  quick quiz

In Australia which natural disaster is responsible for more than 5,300 deaths and accounts for more deaths than all other disasters combined?

a - Fire
b- Flood
c- Heat
d- Earthquake
e- Lightning
f- Cold
g- Storm
h- Cyclone

2. In the devastating fires of Black Saturday in Victoria in 2009 shockingly 173 people lost their lives. At that time during the heat wave , not in the fire area, in Victoria some people died from heat stroke was that number;
a- 28
b- 87
c- 374
d- 105

3. What is a WBGT, is it

a- A weight balancing device
b- A device that calculates body mass index
c- A device to measure specific climatic conditions

4. What is an increase in core body temperature of over 40.5C indicate

a- It’s very hot
b- Drink more water and get into the shade
c- Heat stroke - Aggressively start cooling the body and call for urgent medical aid

Treat heat injury seriously it’s a killer

Answer is C for all questions

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